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What is Contract Cheating and Why Should You Care?

Do you know what “Contract Cheating” is?

On October 21, it is the fifth anniversary of the International Day of Action against Contract Cheating, and it is more important than ever before in our virtual world!

What is Contract Cheating?

If you are wondering what contract cheating is, you are not alone! It is pretty easy to understand. Contract cheating is when a student pays someone else to complete their work. It may be a friend, family, a stranger, or a professional company.

Why does stopping contract cheating matter?

Your reputation and profession are on the line! Contract cheating is a form of academic dishonesty, and this does not benefit anybody. Not even the person who is doing the contract cheating.

But you may wonder how this doesn‘t help you. If someone else does an assignment for you, you don‘t gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities from it for your future career. Can you imagine a nurse caring for you without the proper knowledge and skills?

You also risk having a record put on your academic file stating you have committed an academic incident. You will most likely receive a zero on the assignment or even the class! This will show when you try to apply for other schools too

How can I help stop contract cheating?

Encourage your friends and classmates to have integrity and do their own work! It‘s that simple.

You can also post on social media about it! Join the conversation by finishing this sentence, “Integrity is important to me because…“ and using the hashtags #myownwork #excelwithintegrity.

If you want to learn more about contract cheating and academic integrity, check out these resources!