Mehar Hundal

Position on the board: Vice President, External
Academic Program: Bachelor of International Business Management
Academic Year: Year 3

What is something that you think that everyone should do at least once?
Solo Trip!!! I think everyone should take one solo trip for sure. You will just be a better person coming out of it and knowing yourself so much more.

What is the most interesting place you have been?
The most interesting place would be “Leh Ladakh”. It is the most adventurous place in North India. You can witness everything from mountains to desert to glaciers, while off-roading.

When was the last time you hiked?
Last Weekend

What is the most annoying habit that other people have?
Whining!!! It just triggers the wrong nerves for me.

What’s your favourite drink?
Mango Diamond Slush by Bubble Tea for Day and a glass of wine by the evening.

Are you usually early or late?
Just in time!

What would your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?
Did humans finally save the planet? Also, can I please get a few dozen chicken nuggets and a tub of fries?

What TV channels don’t exist but really should?
A channel that turns my imagination into a movie.

As the only human left on earth, what would you do?
I’ll stop all man-made practices, live in the white house, call myself Beyonce, take out all the animals from restrictions, and save the planet!!!

What is special about the place you grew up?
Chandigarh!!! Everything about it is just amazing. It is just so beautiful, green, safe and it’s home!