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6 Tips and Tricks for Online Exams

1. Check your computer

Can you imagine how discouraging it is to discover that your computer doesn’t turn on before your pre-scheduled test? Also, what if your WIFI connection is unstable? To avoid these challenges, always check your computer and make sure it is working. This will help you manage your time while taking the test.

2. Make sure you read the instructions carefully

Do you see yourself being late for the test? Do you know what time the test starts? To ensure you are on time to the exam double check your test start times. Understand the guidelines of the test and ensure you read all the instructions provided. Are you aware of how long will it take to complete the test? Go through the additional instructions thoroughly. Don’t forget, if you don’t know the answer to a multiple-choice question, eliminate as many options as possible and then make an educated guess.

3. Do not get upset in case of a technical glitch

Do not panic if there is a technical glitch. Be calm. It can occur anytime to anyone. Try to fix the problem and look for help. Always SAVE your work/answers. Re-doing the whole test again is time-consuming and you don’t want that to happen.

4. Keep track of your time left to review your test/assignment

Make sure you manage your time properly. Set a watch/clock to alert you 5 or 10 minutes before the deadline so you are aware of the time remaining to complete the test. Do not stay on a question for too long. Skip it and, get back to it later. Allocate time to review your work for errors and that you have answered all the questions.

5. Contact your Instructor immediately if something goes wrong

Get in touch with your instructor if you accidentally quit the test or if something goes wrong. Seeking help immediately may be the difference in passing or failing. If you are taking the test from home, know who to contact for help and how to contact them. It will be immensely helpful if this happens to you.

6. Find a good spot to take the test

Make sure you’ve turned off all distractions – TV, phone, social media, and all notifications. Make sure your pets are settled ahead of time or find someone to take care of them so that you aren’t distracted. Gather all the things you will need, including books, notebooks, pens or pencils to work out mathematical problems or to jot notes.