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Tips For Online Learning: Group Work

Teams software:

Teams is a group working platform that allows you to collaborate with team members more cohesively. Teams will be your best friend when it comes to completing group work when online learning. This program allows you to video chat with many members and share screens to better work in a group setting. Teams is available for download from the Conestoga IT website with Microsoft office.

Download Teams

Use a platform that all members can have access to:

When working on the project it is important that you use a platform that everyone can access. Google docs is one of the most efficient and user-friendly platforms out there. The autosave feature and the timeline of each member’s work is what makes this platform the best for group work, as well as the option to download your project as any document you want especially when you are required to submit a word document.

Create a group:

Communication plays a large part in how well the group members work together. Once your group is established one of the first things that you should do is create a group chat. This is should be on a platform that everyone frequently uses and checks. Using platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, or even Instagram are great and tend to work the best. This group chat will also be helpful if any issues arise. If a team member has an issue with parts of the assignment they have a place where they can communicate the issue and have access to all members of the group who can provide support.

Make sure all members understand the assignment and their parts assigned:

Scheduling team meetings are important, especially when working remotely. Although it is difficult to determine a time that everyone will be available, it’s important that at least once a week everyone can meet and discuss the project. It is important that your group members understand the project and feel comfortable asking questions about the project and setting aside some time each week can help mitigate confusion. Delegating parts of the project based on different group members’ skill sets and strengths will ensure that everyone understands and knows how to completer their delegated parts efficiently.

Schedule team meetings and create deadlines:

Deadlines are very important. When delegating tasks for each member remember that you should be leaving time before the due date to review and edit the entire document. Deadlines also hold people accountable for their work and can help get the project done faster.

Use a reliable software to edit your final document:

Finally, it is important that you leave editing time before handing in a project. This being said it’s important to have multiple people look over the document for edits. Grammarly is a great platform to use for final edits. Taking the extra time to make sure that there are no errors in your assignment can really boost the outcome of your mark.