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Tools For Online Learning

With the new semester starting and the new remote learning style that we have to adapt to it is important that students are set up with all the tools needed for the best outcomes from our remote learning semester. Conestoga College provides students with a bunch of free downloads available to students based on the program and courses.

With the new virtual world of learning, it is important that you have access to a platform that allows you to take notes, and create documents as required. Microsoft Office is available for free download (using your Conestoga email). Follow the steps below to download:

Download Microsoft Office

Although technology is expensive, it is important that you invest in the right tools that are going to best support you through your online learning experience. With all the great back to school deals that are going to be starting in the next few weeks, it is a good idea to look into getting a new computer or device that you know will be reliable throughout the school year. Click the link below and check out the best laptops for college students!

Best Laptops For College Students

Having the perfect learning space is important to ensure that you have a comfortable workspace. An ergonomic workstation has many health benefits and is also proven to increase productivity and better quality of work. Check out the links below to learn about the benefits of an ergonomic at-home workspace and how to properly sent up your home workspace ergonomically!

Benefits of an Ergonomic At-Home Workspace

Most obvious of all the tools that you may need for your remote learning experience is just your basic school supplies. Check out the links below to find out some of the must-have school supplies for online learning, and check out Amazon for great deals on all your favourite supplies.