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CSI Clubs

Just because we are all learning remotely for the foreseeable future, does not mean that our student experience has to be any less exciting! CSI is here to help make the most out of building your own student experience, even if that means its virtual. CSI offers a large selection of clubs making it easy to get involved in something that sparks your interest all while building new relationships with people that have the same interests! Here is a look at some of the different clubs that are already running!

Conestoga Cooking Club

The Conestoga Cooking Club is a club that is all about food and having FUN! Where you will learn new skills, be creative with food, try new things and maybe even some friendly competition! This group will meet weekly and discuss restaurants in the region, trendy cooking ideas, healthy eating ideas, local food offerings and we will also learn about different cultural cooking methods and dishes from around the world.

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Conestoga Running Club

Calling all who enjoy cross-country, track and field or those who just love to run! This group meets biweekly to discuss personal goals, trail recommendations, tips and tricks and friendly competitions! You will also set personal goals and come up with challenges for different aspects of engagement (maybe most wildlife is seen on a run, furthest distance run in a row, fastest time, etc).

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Conestoga Gaming Club

The Conestoga Gaming Club is a space for everyone whether you’re casual, competitive, or somewhere in between. It’s a chance to connect with students with similar interests, so come join us for discussions, news, contests, game nights, and more! You will be participating in coordinated game nights, events, tournaments and challenges, and share in conversation about all things video games (classics & favourites, new releases, new console & game hype and current events).

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Conestoga Biking Club:

The Conestoga Biking Club focuses on connecting with others who enjoy any form of cycling. This group meets biweekly (virtually) to discuss cycling trails, share trail/route recommendations, promote wellness, and encourage participants to accept new challenges on their bikes! You will have weekly topics around safety and fitness, weekly recommended routes, sharing accomplishments (distance rode, number of days on your bike, trying new trails, etc.) and sharing photos of your favourite routes!

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Conestoga Yoga and Mindfulness Club:

The Yoga and Mindfulness Club is a club that focuses on yoga, meditation, journaling, and all things mindfulness! This group meets biweekly (virtually) to discuss mindfulness tips, tricks, weekly journal topics, weekly recommended meditations and free yoga classes!

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Conestoga Book Club

Who said book clubs have to be boring? Join fellow condors in reading popular fiction and non-fiction books. This will be a safe space (virtually) where we will come together bi-weekly to discuss and interpret, praise — and sometimes complain about– the books we read. The one book per month suggested and voted by club members. Read what YOU want to read.

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Don’t forget, if you don’t see a club that interests you, you can always start your own club by clicking the link below!

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So why not put the books down and schedule out some time for yourself once a week and add to your student experience?

If you have any questions about clubs, feel free to email

*Only students who have paid the CSI club fee are eligible to join CSI Clubs.*