Own your spring semester

Social distancing doesn't mean you have to be distant socially

5 Tips Every Conestoga College Students Needs To Know!

Let CSI give you some need to know tips for your semester!

You get Office 365 and more for FREE!

Sooner or later you are going to need to hand in a report, create a spreadsheet, or make a presentation using Office 365. Instead of paying for the software, download it for free! You can also access discounted and free software like:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • LabVIEW
  • Solidworks
  • And more!

Download Software Here

You can get free money!

Every semester you can apply for over 400 scholarships, bursaries, and more through the “My Award Application” in the student portal. The application deadline for Spring semester is June 26, so make sure to apply!

To apply:

  1. Log in to the Student Portal
  2. Select the Financial tab
  3. Click on “My Award Applications”
  4. Select the current term
  5. Complete all of the information in each tab
  6. Review your application and submit

Apply Here

You have a Health Plan!

You may not have realized that your tuition includes a health plan, but it does! The CSI Extended Health and Dental Plan covers you for services like massage therapy, chiropractic care, prescriptions, vision, dental and more! You can learn more about how much it covers, how to opt-out if you already have a health plan, or how to add your family to the health plan here:

Health Plan

You have a Student Email Account!

As a Conestoga College student, you have a student email account made for you. This is where you will find out about upcoming events, important deadlines, and communicate with your teachers. To sign in, your email address contains your Condor ID, and the @conestogac.on.ca email suffix and your default password will be Cc and your Student Number. If you haven’t accessed it yet, check it out now!

Check Your Student Email

There are still events!

Just because we are now virtual, doesn’t mean there aren’t any events running! Make sure to follow us on our social media accounts to stay up to date with what we are doing to help you have some fun from your home!