Best Things to do with your Valentine (or Pal-entine) This Weekend

It’s approaching that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is this Friday, Feb. 12, and school’s out for Family Day on Monday. Here are a few fun things to do with friends, family and loving partners this weekend.

1. Attend a concert or other live event!

Music is the language of the heart, so Valentine’s Day is a great time to take your loved ones out for some live music and entertainment. Go out for coffees in a shop that offers live music. Take your favourite Broadway lover to a show tune filled spectacle. Not a fan of live music? How about a live comedy show! Not in the mood for romance but still aching to go out on Valentine’s Day? A “Not-So-Valentine’s” Show is just the thing to have you laughing out loud.

2. Have a romantic dinner for two!

Sometimes traditions are there for a reason and nothing is a bigger Valentine’s day tradition than a romantic dinner! Whether you and your loved one are craving Italian cuisine, a classic steak dinner or are looking for a vegetarian-friendly restaurant, there are plenty of local options to make your taste buds fall in love.

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3. Have a casual dinner for as many as you want!

Some traditions are made to be broken and you can have just as much fun, if not more, by going out with your friends over the weekend. Nobody said you could only have one Pal-entine. No need to dress up or practice your etiquette before going out for a burger and fries with your buddies. Not in the mood to leave the comfort of your own home? Just have your friends over for a homecooked meal or a couple of drinks.

4. Have a movie marathon!

Valentine’s Day can get crowded and hectic at times but staying in can be just as fun or romantic. Binging movies is easily done whether it’s romantic comedies for Valentine’s Day or thrillers just for the fun of it (or also for Valentine’s Day. They made My Bloody Valentine for a reason, I guess). Make a movie playlist featuring everyone’s’ movie of choice, pop some popcorn and settle in for a weekend of warm blankets and zero worries.

5. Recreate your first date/when you first met!

Valentine’s day is the most unapologetically sappy day of the year so take advantage of that! Make a list of everything you did on your first date together. What went right? What went wrong? Recreate the event to the best of your ability. Go to the same restaurant or cook the same food. Wear the same outfit or a modern version of it.

6. Exchange homemade presents!

Gifts don’t always have to be expensive. Show your loved ones how much you care with gifts that show you understand them. Paint a picture for them, even if you aren’t artistically inclined. Make a mixtape (or Spotify playlist) of songs they’ll enjoy. Make a photo album of all your greatest times together. Secretly learn how to knit and make them a scarf in their favourite colour.

7. Take the day off!

If you’ve got some vacation days stockpiled or don’t have classes, free up the day to spend with your loved ones. Wake up early to make them breakfast in bed. If you don’t want crumbs in your bed, set up a simple waffle bar with individualized choices for toppings. Go for a hike or play games together. Make sure your only commitments of the day are to each other.

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8. BONUS TIP FOR PARENTS: Drop the kids off!

Having a child at home doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the most romantic day of the year. Some local, family-friendly businesses create “drop-off” events for kids to have fun while their parents are out to a romantic dinner (or taking a well-deserved nap).

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