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Press Release: Conestoga Students Inc. Congratulates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

October 2019



KITCHENER – Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) would like to extend congratulations to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC), on winning a minority government in the 2019 federal election. CSI looks forward to working with all local MPs, regardless of their party affiliation, to ensure post-secondary education becomes more affordable and accessible for students.

With the new government’s primary focus on moving Canada forward together, CSI expects to continue to advocate for:

  • The elimination of interest on federal student loans and an increase in federal grants for students in post-secondary
  • The creation of sustainable, high-quality jobs and work-integrated learning opportunities
  • The support of indigenous students and calls of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)

“Students are consistently faced with many challenges throughout their post-secondary career including financial struggles and mental health challenges,” said Scot Wyles, CSI President.
“CSI calls on the incoming government to continue to work with student associations, advocacy organizations, and post-secondary institutions to ensure students are supported and make post-secondary more affordable and accessible.”

Prime Minister-elect Trudeau and the LPC campaigned on a promise to increase Canada Student Grants by 40%, to aid in making post-secondary more accessible. Furthermore, the LPC has stated they will implement a two-year, interest-free grace period after graduating to make life more affordable for students after graduation. Lastly, the LPC will pause student loan repayments for new parents until their youngest child reaches the age of five.

Although the LPC has promised to make post-secondary education more affordable with their campaign promises, it does not fully address our membership’s priorities. We will continue to work with our local MPs, other student associations, and advocacy organizations to ensure sustainable, high-quality jobs and work-integrated learning opportunities are created, and support for indigenous students are implemented.

“Our ability to move Canada forward and lead the world as an educational leader is reliant on continued investments in post-secondary education to make it as affordable and accessible as possible for all,” said Wyles.

For over 45 years, CSI has represented its membership in a nonpartisan way and continues to work with all political parties. We are eager to continue our work to ensure our membership’s priorities are represented during the 43rd Canadian Parliament.

About Conestoga Students Inc.:

Conestoga Students Inc. (CSI) is the official student association at Conestoga College since 1973 and represents the interests of over 22,000 full-time and part-time students across all Conestoga campuses.


Justin McLaughlin, Communications and Content Coordinator, Conestoga Students Inc. jmclaughlin2@conestogac.on.ca | T: 519-748-5131 x3594