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Angela van Stee, Director

  1. Hometown: Collingwood, ON
  2. Academic program: Social Service Worker
  3. Year: 2
  4. Number of years on CSI BOD: This is my first
  5. I am Angela van Stee, a first-year CSI Board Director, Second Year Social Service Worker Student, and lifelong dog lover. Volunteering is something that has been a huge part of my life for the last few years and I am always looking for new ways to get involved and to make a difference. That is the reason I am in the SSW program currently and the reason I ran for the Board of Directors. You can either yell from the outside and demand change or you can become a force from the inside pushing the walls outward to make changes. I decided to start pushing. I wasn’t really sure what CSI was in a real sense until I was elected. I knew about the broad stroke definition as a student association, but the depth of what that meant was unclear until after and it was revealed how much CSI does and how much the people who make the organization care about the students and the work. Their passion pushes me to be my best self and work that much harder for the student population and hold myself accountable to be the best force for positive change I can be.