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So you’re a Conestoga student…now what? Here are 5 things you should know.

Now that you’re a Conestoga student, there are lots of things you should know and take part in throughout the year. Between leadership opportunities, entertainment, important dates, food and fun events overall, here are the top 5 things you should know as a Conestoga student:

1. Getting involved

There are several ways for you to get involved on campus as a Conestoga student. Want to volunteer? Then become a Leadership Ambassador where you’ll get chances and opportunities to volunteer in and around the Conestoga and KW community. They get involved in things like Hygiene for the Homeless, where they set up a drive to collect useful items like toothbrushes, soap and more for the community. You can also join or create a club of your choice! If you have an idea for a club, you just need to find six other members and run it by the Student Engagement Coordinator Darcee.

Want to travel and do good in an international community? Then apply to the GSL Trips! There’s two of them this year, including Costa Rica at the end of February and Guatemala at the end of April. In Costa Rica, the team will be doing a construction and renovation project and in Guatemala they will be doing an eco-agricultural project. This is a great opportunity to travel while giving back to a community in other places in the world.

Want to learn, reflect, improve and meet people in the process? Then come to the Leadership Conference taking place on Saturday, October 13th. Its theme is Discover, Lead, Evolve in recognition of the community. Tickets are on sale now. Watch mesmerizing speakers that have life-changing stories and tips, get a free swag bag and get a certificate with your name on it for your portfolio and resume.

Email Darcee Carnes and Nicole Amorim to learn more about these experiences, and get involved in Conestoga! Remember, you get out of your student experience what you put into it. So get involved, have fun and learn more about yourself and others.

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2. The Venue & Pita Pit

If you’re hungry, we’ve got multiple food locations for you on campus. The Venue is our full service bar and restaurant and you can get anything from chicken parmesan sandwiches, to three cheese penne to cheeseburgers and classic pub food. It also offers International dishes, like butter chicken curry. There are daily drink deals, food deals and weekly programming like Trivia Tuesday and Live Music Thursday offered at The Venue on a weekly basis.

If you’re in the Rec Centre or are looking for an alternative lunch option, you can head to the Pita Pit on the second floor of the Rec Centre. Watch for daily deals, get delicious pitas, pita bowls, pita chips, smoothies, cookies and more. There are plenty of food options for you on campus, so make sure to try them out while you can!

Learn more about The Venue & Pita Pit here:

The Venue

Pita Pit

3. CSI Health & Dental Plan

Our CSI Health & Dental Plan covers you from everything to optometry, prescription drugs, to physio, chiro and so much more, but if you are already covered by an alternative health plan from a parent, spouse or workplace, you can opt out of the health plan during the change of coverage period from Aug. 27-Sept.28, 2018. If you choose to stay on the health plan, however, we have several benefits including travel coverage and partnerships with partners throughout the community which gives you discounts!

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4. We’re having a concert!

This is our second year in a row having a concert at our Rec Centre! You can get tickets on our new mobile app to see Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado. Tickets are $5 for Conestoga students and you can bring one guest. All proceeds will go to the CSI Food Bank. It’s sure to be an awesome time just like last year, so make sure you purchase your tickets and come out to the show of the year!

5. Follow us on social media to find out more info throughout the year

Our social media will be your go to resource for news throughout the year. You can find out about events, activities, clubs, leadership initiatives, deadlines and so much more by following our channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Here are the handles for each:
Facebook: Conestoga Students Inc.
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat: @CStudentsInc.

Do you have questions about getting involved, The Venue or Pita Pit, the CSI Health & Dental Plan, the concert or our social media channels? Just email lsinclair@conestogac.on.ca for more info.