CSI offers a variety of scholarships that are available to all fee paying students, domestic or international. Each scholarship has its own unique requirements and monetary attachment. In order to be considered for any CSI scholarship, you must fill our the general applications form found on Conestoga College’s website:
General Scholarship Application

Neil Aitchison CSI Leadership Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to students who are strong community partners and who demonstrated exceptional leadership within the college community. These awards are cased on exceptional merit without regard to financial need. There are four bursaries awarded to four students each worth $3000.

CSI Leadership Development Bursary

This bursary is presented by the CSI Board of Directors to outstanding full-time students who have participated in the CSI Leadership Development Program in some way. The value of this scholarship is $1000.

The CSI International Student Service Award

Four awards of $1000 are available to international students at Conestoga College who are actively involved and volunteer with the International Education Department. Recipients must have a minimum grade average of 75% and demonstrate financial need.

The CSI International Academic Achievement Award

Up to 10 awards of $500 are available to international students at Conestoga College who demonstrate academic excellent by achieving at least an 85% grade average in their area of study in the previous semester.

The CSI International Athletics Excellence Award

Up to two awards of $500 are available to international students who are actively involved in a varsity or intramural team at Conestoga College. Students must have at least a 75% average to be considered for this award.

The CSI International Community Achievement Award

Two awards of $2500 are available to international students at Conestoga College who show leadership in one or more of the following areas:

  • community service
  • international engagement
  • international understanding and promotion of diversity or intellectual pursuits
  • artistic or athletics endeavors

College Student Alliance Funding:

CSA Leadership Award

This scholarship is awarded to one student who demonstrates:

  1. good citizenship as demonstrated by positive and variable service to the college community
  2. the ability to motivate others and demonstrate outstanding leadership to improve the lives of others while attending post-secondary education
  3. good academic standing as demonstrated by acceptance to or continuation without failures in a full-time post-secondary program at a CSA member college
  4. an overall average of 75% or above

  5. This scholarship will be awarded to students without regard to academic need.
    Visit the CSA website for more information:
    CSA Scholarship Application
    Also, make sure to check out CSA’s Financial Planning Tool website. Their website helps current and future college students plan their finances to help fund their education.
    CSA Website

External Awards


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