What is CGL?

The Campus Gaming League (CGL) is the first of its kind. Our friends at We Got Game aim to combine the world of e-sports and campus varsity sports. Conestoga over the years has had a very active and engaged gamer community and what better way to celebrate, than to provide a league and the equipment to develop it. We are looking for gamers who are skilled at the following titles:

Call of Duty: Ghosts


Killer Instinct

NBA 2K14

How do I get involved?

CSI is looking to recruit and organize Conestoga’s best gamers. Each week gamers will compete in various titles on the Xbox One against a network of other participating colleges in the province.

All matches will take place in the CSI Den on equipment provided by We Got Game. Our best players will be arranged to compete daily against other colleges over Xbox Live.

If any of the above information sounds like a good fit for your gaming lifestyle, please contact Zack Dodge. Zack can be reached at 

The Original 6

The following colleges across the province will be participating in the trial semester of the Campus Gaming League, brought to you by We Got Game:

Conestoga College

Mohawk College

Cambrian College

Niagara College

Humber North Campus

Humber Lakeshore Campus