Conestoga Students Inc

Board of Directors 2015-2016

A letter from the Board of Directors

Conestoga Students Inc (CSI) is the official Student Association for Conestoga College. As a Student Association, we represent over 11,500 full time, fee paying students across all of Conestoga’s nine campuses. It is CSI’s mission to enhance student satisfaction through our four Board Ends:

  • Access to Services, Support, and Resources
  • Ability to participate in recreational activities, and have access to student study and lounge spaces
  • Representation
  • Access to skills development

As CSI continues to grow as an organization, it is a goal of the Board to continuously solicit and encompass student feedback and vision in all projects and services on campus.

This report will go through what services are available through CSI, their function on campus and their utilization over the past year. This report will also highlight areas in which CSI has grown and its accomplishments during the 2014-2015 year. We want all students at Conestoga College to recognize the achievements CSI has made as a Student Association. As we reflect on our past accomplishments, CSI never stops thinking and planning for the future of Conestoga College and the students we represent.

Conestoga Students Inc
2015-2016 Board of Directors

CSI Financials

Click the links below to download a fully accessible version of CSI’s 2015-2016 annual budget:
CSI’s 2015-2016 Annual Budget


12,000+ full time, fee paying members

Representing the full-time student body of Conestoga College is the core of what makes Conestoga Students Inc (CSI) the official student association on campus. Our elected Board of Directors (BOD) are the brain of the organization and truly help shape and direct all of CSI’s efforts over the course of an academic year.

Through advocating for the best student experience possible, expanding and improving our student services, and representing the student voice on a number of college, community, and provincial platforms, CSI is proud of the student leadership contributions made in 2015-2016.

CSI’s 2015-2016 Board of Directors

2015-2016 saw 576 students vote in the Board of Directors election. With the construction coming to a close with the Conestoga Student Recreation Centre, mental health initiatives on the rise, an incoming Grand River Transit Referendum, and the introduction of a new Student Rep program, the 2015/2016 BOD was in for a demanding year.

The following students were elected as our 2015/2016 Board of Directors and Executive Team:

  • Jeff Scherer (President)
  • Cameron Jones (Vice-President)
  • Justin McLaughlin
  • Gurpal Bhatia
  • Colton Lauzon
  • Colin Gaudet
  • Dita Dragusha
  • Hope Krempa
  • Scot Wyles

Are you in favour of a mandatory GRT U-Pass?

As the official student association of Conestoga College, CSI strives to represent the best interest of our student community. Creating affordable and accessible options for local transit has always been an active conversation at Conestoga. CSI was pleased to facilitate the 2015/2016 U-Pass Referendum. Receiving over 3,700 votes, the 2015/2016 Grand River Transit Referendum saw tremendous participation from our student body.

With the majority of the student vote not in favour of the mandatory GRT U-Pass, the referendum was settled for 2015/2016.

3730 Total Votes
  • 1591 were in favour of the U-Pass
  • 2139 were not in favour of the U-Pass
representation images

Service Hub

50,000+ transactions at all four Service Hub locations.

The Service Hub continues to grow as one of CSI’s number one destinations and services across Doon, Cambridge, and Waterloo. With over 50,000+ students using the various print shop facilities last year, we are always looking for ways to improve the experience on your visit.

Along-side the print shop facilities, we saw continued use of the Lend Program. More and more students are learning about the diverse programs that live inside the Service Hub on campus. Did you know you could borrow items like calculators and safety glasses? Check out the Lend Program at your Service Hub location!

service hub graphic: 50,000+ service hub uses; laminating, scanning, bus passes; binding; printing; faxing; grad photos; ticket sales; vendors; lend program.

From Star Trek to the Service Hub,
3D printing now available.

CSI has always made strong efforts to be on the cutting edge of technology based tools that can support our student’s needs. With 3D printing becoming a consumer level product, 2015/2016 made for a great time to introduce this service in our Doon main office.

  • 29 print projects through Winter 2016
  • Makerbot Z18 prints a solid color plastic filament @ $0.50/hour
  • Students from all Conestoga campuses have access to this service


104,000+ student riders on the shuttle

With over 104,000 students using the CSI Shuttle in 2015-2016, the CSI Shuttle continues to be an extremely successful and efficient service for our students. On average our shuttle drivers, Frank and Lenny, were seeing over 13,000 students hop on the shuttle every month. Making stops at Doon, Cambridge, and Residence, CSI continues to provide a safe and reliable service that ensures students make it to and from campus at no added cost.

Ride to the grocery store anyone?

Between September 2015 and April 2016, the CSI Shuttle also assisted in getting over 2,100 students to the local grocery store as part of our Tuesday Night Grocery Run program. Look for this program leaving from residence every Tuesday night during the academic year. With an average of 274 students per month, CSI looks forward to expanding this service in 2016/2017.


$37,000 provided through our Funding service

Scholarships, awards, and bursaries are the pillars that make up CSI’s Funding Service. In 2015-2016 over $7,500 was directly contributed to students for academic expenses through our program called the Educational Fund. That provided 75 students with up to $100 so that money wasn’t spent out of pocket to make a project or presentation reach its potential.
On an annual basis, CSI also provides scholarship opportunities through the Neil Aitchison and the College Student Alliance (CSA) Leadership Scholarship. Our international student community in 2015/2016 was happy to learn about exclusive scholarships that tallied $15,000.

International Community Achievement Award
$2,500 per recipient
  • Gurpal Singh Bhatia
  • Ugochukwu Agunmadu
International Student Service Award
$1,000 per recipient
  • Jasneet Narula
  • Tho Pham
  • Visheshta Sethi
  • Yunpeng Zhao
International Academic Achievement Award
$500 per recipient
  • Lana Doric Pecina
  • Rui Geng
  • Hyun Ae Lee
  • Sining Luo
  • Kateryna Mykhailenko
  • Ariadiny Paulino
  • Gonzalo Esteban Ramos Zuniga
  • Vasileios Soulantikas
  • Chaozhi Zhang
  • Yunpeng Zhao
International Athletics Excellence Award
• Hakeem Hall
• Jose Carlos Perez Villaro

Neil Aitchison scholarship
Awarded to 4 students annually who demonstrate exceptional merit
• Benjamin Meyers
• Sharon Ponnampalam
• Yvonnne Spicer
• Christine Tucker

csi director scot wyles presenting a student with his award certificate.

collage of various events that happened last year


With many annual traditions beginning to take shape at CSI, our 2015/2016 entertainment program wouldn’t be complete without Frosh BBQ’s, our 2nd Foam Party, TOGA Party, and Tony Lee the X Rated Hypnotist.
However, with our student community always growing and changing so must our programming. New events like monthly Farmers Markets, Mellow Mondays, “Paint Nites”, and the 1st ever Comic Con-estoga all found there place on campus in 2015/2016.

With the Sanctuary offering special events and 2 pub days per week, social lounges throughout all campuses, and video game and movie lounges, our student community has never been more connected and exposed to affordable and free entertainment on campus.

Sold out events:

  • Second Annual Foam Party, SOLD OUT!
  • Tony Lee XXX Rated Hypnotist, SOLD OUT
  • Toga Party, SOLD OUT
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park, SOLD OUT

New Events

  • Farmers Market ft Legacy Greens
  • Comic Con-estoga
  • Mellow Mondays
  • “Paint Nite”

Condor Gamers

We Got Game returned in 2015/2016 with fulltime Xbox ONE gaming stations at Doon, Cambridge, and Waterloo. This allowed our Conestoga gaming community to have access to new release titles, Xbox Live, and the ability to play with competing Ontario Colleges.

  • CSI continued to see over 32,000 student visits in The Den
  • Popular titles included Super Smash Wii U, FIFA 16, and NBA2K16
  • CSI hosted their first Super Smash Wii U tournament with over 50 participants! This was in partnership with Conestoga E-Sports


7,408 students enrolled into the CSI Health Plan; 2057 opted out

In March 2016 our CSI Wellness Office was relocated to the newly renovated Conestoga Student Recreation Centre! Thanks to the new location, our health plan administration team handled over 6,300 health plan inquires through walk-ins, phone calls, and emails. With a beautiful new facility and more room to serve our students better, we look forward to watching this office and our range of wellness services grow in 2016/2017.

Providing a comprehensive health plan to the full-time students of Conestoga is an essential service that CSI is happy to provide. With on-site massage and chiropractic services at the Doon Campus, students have easy and affordable access to excellent care. In 2015-2016 the CSI Wellness Office provided a total of 421 massages and 764 chiropractic appointments.

global service leadership team members

Canadian leaders in Guatemala, GSL 2016

CSI was proud to send 13 students to Guatemala for the 2016 Global Service Leadership Trip. These students were on a mission to bring the leadership skills they have developed at Conestoga to a global community. Working with Maximo Nivel, a work-study-travel group, our Conestoga student leaders contributed their efforts to a construction build. Prior to their departure, our GSL leaders were able to raise $5,090 in fundraising dollars and an impressive $4,250 through corporate sponsorship for a grand total of $9,340. Our GSL trip continues to be hailed as an emotional, thought provoking, and life changing experience.

CSI’s Fourth Annual Student Leadership Conference

The 4th Annual CSI Leadership Conference returned with 250 students for a sold out weekend at the Bingemans Conference Centre. Our 2 day program was filled with personal and professional leadership sessions from returning speakers like Delatorro McNeal, James Robilotta, and Eagles Flight. New comers like Tom Krieglstein brought a fresh take to the weekend with his “Dance Floor Theory”. All of our delegates close the weekend with new friends, new leadership skills for life, and a certificate for their personal portfolio.
250 tickets sold

Popular Sessions

  • More Action, Less Title (James Robilotta)
  • Dance Floor Theory (Tom Kreiglstein)
  • We Are One Team (Delatorro McNeal)
  • Gold of the Desert Kings (Eagles Flight)

Leadership Ambassadors Giving Back

CSI is fortunate enough to attract a very compassionate group of volunteers each year that are put to work on some great projects all in the name of giving back. Check out some of the accomplishments from our Leadership Ambassadors in 2015-2016.

  • Textbooks 4 Change–430 books donated
  • Spring Food Drive–Over 200 nonperishable items donated
  • Winter Clothing Drive–100+ winter clothing items donated
leadership ambassadors photo

Food Support

Our food support service continues to grow in nutritional are resourceful ways in 2015-2016. With the introduction of monthly farmers markets, our first edition of the CSI Cook Book, and returning favourites like Free Food Fridays and Exam Relief. Through our Food Support service, CSI also contributed to over 20,000 subsidized meals on campus through Toonie Tuesdays.
20,000 slices=3,333 pizzas=417 pizzas per month
Not only does CSI subsidize meals on campus, we also provide free Food Fridays and Exam Relief. In 2015-2016, we hosted 14 Free Food Fridays and each semester we had a week-long Exam Relief program. These programs provide access to free food with no strings attached at times of the year when students need it the most.
No one should go hungry as a full-time student. CSI recognizes the struggle that some students deal with and in return we offer an emergency Food Bank accessible at Doon, Cambridge, Waterloo and Guelph campuses. Last year we saw an average of 35 uses per month with a total of 389 uses at all campuses.

Exam Relief

To close each semester we host a program called Exam Relief. This program provides lat night snacks for our students who are hard at work during crunch time. We served over 6,000 students during last year!

Student Cook Book

Fist time college student? If you answered yes, you may be managing your home kitchen for the first time as well. CSI was excited to introduce the first iteration of the CSI Student Cook Book. Jam packed with cooking tips, affordable recipes and nutritional meal options, CSI handed out over 1,500 editions of the Cook Book.

Farmers Markets Featuring Legacy Greens

Finding access to organic, locally grown and fresh produce can be tough while managing a full-time college schedule. Thanks to our friends at Legacy Greens, CSI was able to host eight campus Farmers Markets. For a small donation to the CSI Food Bank, you could find yourselves going home with Ontario’s freshest produce.


CSI Fest

  • CSI Fest returned and was featured in Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 Over 1,000 students enjoyed this program per semester
  • Students were encouraged to use the CSI Mobile App to answer daily questions about CSI’s services
  • $8,000 in prizes were offered to our successful students
  • Snapchat was launched @CStudentsInc
  • 30 awareness days
  • 35 campus visits to Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph, Schlegel Village, Ingersoll, and Brantford

image of csi fest

Website and Social Media

  • Sessions 52,328
  • Users 33,813
  • Page Views 117,247
  • Top Pages: Calendar, Clubs, Get Involved, Shuttle Schedule.

social media stats may 2015 compared to April 2016

Mobile App

  • 5,000+ Downloads on IOS and Android
  • CSI distributed 5,000 free t-shirts; download the CSI app, get a free CSI t-shirt!
  • Recognized as the best launch nationally using this mobile application license

Most popular features:

  • Shuttle Schedule
  • Push Notifications
  • Events Calendar

csi mobile app

Rec Centre

“We are incredibly proud to be a contributing partner on the construction of the Conestoga Students Recreation Centre. Now that it’s open, the Recreation Centre has really changed the face of Doon Campus. Providing students with a brand new facility that encourages health, activity and recreation, is something CSI is incredibly proud of. Getting an education isn’t just about academics anymore; it’s about a well-rounded student experience. Something we believe the Conestoga Students Rec Centre can have a big part in.”
-Cameron Jones, CSI president 2016-2017

cssi logo

Conestoga Student Services Inc

CSSI was created in order to give us a viable way to reduce student fees. This for-pro t division of CSI encompasses the Venue, Pita Pit, our Student Health Plan, and other revenue generating areas of CSI. Not only to keep our organization legally safe, CSSI was also created to meet the Board of Director’s end goal of seeing student fees reduce over the next few years.

The Pita Pit

Providing fresh and healthy meal options for students has been a priority of CSI for some time now. Making sure students have access to amenities like the farmers market, the food bank, and now Pita Pit, indicates that we’re moving in the right direction.
After launching in the winter semester of 2016, student, staff, and faculty were all nding Pita Pit as a great new option for lunch on campus. As we look forward to fall 2016, the Conestoga Student Recreation
Centre will provide plenty ofhealthy and nutritious reasons to be making a regular visit.
Our Pita Pit location falls under the Conestoga Students Services Incorporated (CSSI) umbrella which will continue to be a great new avenue for revenue generating opportunities on campus.
pita pit location