Welcome to autumn, Conestoga!

Hey Condors, First of all, congratulations! You survived the busy month of September and hopefully you managed to find ways to let loose and have fun in between and after going to your classes every day. By now, you should have opted out of our health plan on studentcare.ca if you didn’t want to take advantage of all of our awesome services and benefits that our health plan provides. You also should have applied to be a student rep to get your chance to meet with the board and provide feedback on ways to make the Conestoga student experience great. If you haven’t done these things, however, don’t fret. There are still plenty of upcoming events, conferences and workshops available for you to get involved with! There are also a number of important news updates for you to take note of for the month of October. Here they are:

sixth annual student leadership conference
If you want to find ways to differentiate yourself from the rest of your student body and have fun while you’re at it, then the Leadership Conference is the event for you! Join some of North America’s best speakers, including Delatorro McNeal, James Robilotta, Stuart Knight, Molly Burke, American Ninja Warrior Hoan Do and an awesome workshop from Adventureworks at Bingemans Conference Centre. Tickets are $30 which covers the cost of breakfast and lunch both days, as well as transportation to and from the conference. They are on sale now online at eventbrite, so make sure to get them soon to guarantee your spot at one of CSI’s biggest events of the year. After the conference you will receive a certificate that indicates you’ve successfully completed the conference, which will be great for your portfolio, resume and to include on your co-curricular record.

Conestoga Students Inc AGM: Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

All students are welcome at this year’s Annual General Meeting, which will be taking place on October 19th, 2017 at The Venue. Proxies and AGM packages are available beforehand all online this year, so make sure to check out.
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Trivia Tuesday

Rack your brain at Trivia Tuesday every Tuesday at noon! Get a group to join to answer questions about geography, sports, music and so much more. If your team wins, then you’ll get a grand prize! This year we’ll be giving out gift cards to The Venue! Have questions about Trivia Tuesday? Just forward them over to CSI’s Events Assistant.

Stephanie Marks

Events Assistant

Live Music Thursday

Are you a fan of live music? Do you enjoy finding new local talents, guitarists and more in the area? Then you’ll love Live Music Thursday! Local talents brought in every Thursday from 11-2 pm to play music for you while you enjoy The Venue menu, which includes lots of great pub food, awesome drinks and more. Have any questions about Live Music Thursday? Don’t hesitate to send them over to CSI’s Events Assistant.

Anthony Sawyers

Events Assistant

Life skills workshops

October date soon approaching

Ever wonder why you don’t learn how to manage your own finances at school? Do you ever want to learn certain skills that will help you both personally and professionally in life? If so, then our Life skills workshops are the perfect place for you to get started. Learn how to do your taxes, become an awesome public speaker, deal with stress, manage difficult landlords and so much more at these helpful and interesting workshops. Make sure to sign up for these workshops through your MyConestoga Co-Curricular Record, or visit Darcee and Nicole in the CSI Leadership Office in room 2A100.
On October 18th, you can participate in the Healthy Living workshop which will consist of a panel featuring a counsellor, rec services and a dietitian. Learn more about ways to stay healthy, fit and strong both mentally and physically.
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Varsity volleyball home opener

October 26th

Join the Conestoga community and help support your Condor varsity teams at this year’s homecoming! Wear your Condor t-shirts and head down to the Rec Centre on October 26th to see your men’s and women’s volleyball teams compete at their first home game of their season. There will be plenty of opportunities for free prizes and free swag, so make sure to come out and celebrate a new Conestoga College tradition.

Student Success Week

October 23-27

Conestoga College will be implementing Student Success Week from Oct. 23rd-27th. This week will only be for students enrolled in the School of Business and Hospitality, Media & Design, and Liberal Studies programs. Students that are on co-op or unpaid placements will not be affected by Student Success Week, and all students in residence will not be required to vacate. There will be no course-related academic activity scheduled during Student Success Week, but student service departments will schedule workshops and sessions during this week for those that would like extra support with their studies.

pita pit logo graphic

Pita Pit!

Looking for a different lunch option on campus? Sick of the same old lunch routine? Why not check out the Pita Pit on the second floor of the Rec Centre? There’s always a deal of the day, Monday to Friday. Get the pita of the day for only $7! There’s also delicious smoothie options, pita bowls and pita chips to enjoy.

Oktoberfest Koolhaus Student Night

If you want to enjoy Oktoberfest and want some cheap tickets, look no further…we’ll be giving away FREE tickets to Conestoga students! On Friday, October 13th enjoy Bingemans’ Oktoberfest Kool Haus from 7:30 p.m.- 1:00 a.m. We will have a free shuttle for students!

Free tickets

Visit the Bingemans website at the link below and enter the promo code: OKTCONESTOGA17
Bingemans website

Shuttle Schedule

Door 3: 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm
Residence: 7:40pm, 8:40pm, 9:40pm
Bus picks up from Bingemans: 11:00pm, 12:00am, 1:00am

Have questions about the Oktoberfest Koolhaus Student Night? Contact our CSI Events Assistant.

Ali Smith

Events Assistant

Cultural Diversity Week

Here at Conestoga, we have a diverse student population and representation from various countries throughout the world. In recognition of that, we feel it’s important to showcase and acknowledge all cultures at the college with a week dedicated to it. Cultural Diversity week will be taking place from Oct. 16-20. We’ve got a Poetry & Hip Hop showcase at Doon, a cultural show and tell, a Diwali celebration and more! Come check out the events and activities we have going on all week on your campus. Stay tuned and look at the website for more info!

Stranger Things Week

Things are about the get strange on campus…come celebrate the release of the second season of Stranger Things with Stranger Things week from Oct. 30-Nov. 3! Get some free waffles and enjoy some strange entertainment! Have questions? Forward them to our events assistant

Stephanie Marks

Events Assistant

The Venue Facebook page

If you haven’t already liked The Venue’s Facebook page, then give it a like now to learn more about events taking place at The Venue, daily specials and more! Just look up “The Venue at Conestoga” on Facebook, and give it a thumbs up.
The Venue Facebook Page

And that’s it for October! If you have any questions about any of these events or activities then send an email to the CSI board of Directors.
Enjoy the month, Condors!