Welcome to the 2019 school year Condors! There’s a couple of things you need to know about events, deadlines and activities taking place on campus as you start your classes and get oriented for the month of January. Feel free to mark these things down in your calendar as you continue to find your way on campus. And as always, this information and more can be found on all of our social media channels. Make sure to follow us on Facebook- Conestoga Students Inc., along with Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat- @CStudentsInc. These channels along with our new CSI Mobile App and website will be your go to resource for information. You can download our brand new CSI mobile app through your App store under Conestoga Students Inc., and you can find our website at conestogastudents.com. We hope you have an awesome year, Condors, and as always, feel free to send a message to our Facebook page if you have any questions, or direct them to csibod@conestogac.on.ca.

T-shirt contest

The Frosh t-shirt contest is always one of our most anticipated contests of the year. Every year, we come up with new t-shirt designs and colours for you to enjoy, and we run a contest in order for you to get your free tee. You can grab your free t-shirt on January 3rd (Doon & Waterloo) and January 4th (Cambridge) starting at 11 am until supplies last. Make sure to check out the app to find out more info on where you can pick up the shirt on your campus.

Frost Week Events

There are lots of fun Frost Week events taking place from January 7th-11th! Make sure to check out the Winter Carnival on your campus, where you can enjoy vendors, carnival games, hot chocolate, a busker, balloon twister and more. We also will have a Netflix & Chilli event where you can enjoy chilli and get a chance to win a Netflix subscription! Find out more information on the events calendar.
Events Calendar

GRT bus pass

GRT bus passes are on sale now! Get your pass now for $292 at your Service Hub. You can also get your pass at the Charles and Ainslie Terminals. This bus pass will help you in travelling all over the KW community.

CSI mobile app

The CSI mobile app is back and better than ever! Download it on your app store now and find out about events taking place on campus, deadlines to apply for scholarships or opting out, purchasing event tickets and so much more. Have questions about the app and how to use it? Just forward them over to Laura at lsinclair@conestogac.on.ca

Get Involved

There are several ways for you to get involved on campus as a Conestoga student. Want to volunteer? Then become a Leadership Ambassador where you’ll get chances and opportunities to volunteer in and around the Conestoga and KW community. They get involved in things like Hygiene for the Homeless, where they set up a drive to collect useful items like toothbrushes, soap and more for the community. You can also join or create a club of your choice! If you have an idea for a club, you just need to find six other members and run it by the Student Engagement Coordinator Darcee. Find out more about the Leadership Ambassador program and clubs at the link below.
Get Involved

Leadership Conference: Connect, Engage, Together

Want to learn, reflect, improve and meet people in the process? Then come to the Leadership Conference taking place on Saturday, January 26th. Its theme is Connect, Engage, Together in recognition of the theme of community and working together. Tickets are on sale now, and if you get yours before before January 14, you’ll be entered to win a $50 Indigo gift card. Watch mesmerizing speakers that have life-changing stories and tips, get a free swag bag and get a certificate with your name on it for your portfolio and resume at this fabulous conference.
Email Darcee Carnes and Nicole Amorim to learn more about these experiences, and get involved in Conestoga! Remember, you get out of your student experience what you put into it. So get involved, have fun and learn more about yourself and others.
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Opt out

If you’re already covered by an alternative health plan from a spouse, family member, or workplace, then you can opt out of the CSI Health Plan starting on Dec. 31st- Feb. 1st 2019.
If you’d like to be covered for anything from prescription drugs, travel insurance, optometry, chiro, physio and so much more, you can stay on the plan and use its benefits!
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Trivia Tuesday and Live Music Thursday

Head to our on-campus bar and restaurant, The Venue on Tuesday and Thursday to enjoy Trivia Tuesday and Live Music Thursday! For Trivia Tuesday, enter with a group of up to 4 people and get a chance to win a Venue gift card! For Live Music Thursday, enjoy live, local talent every Thursday. Make sure to check out the drink and meal specials at The Venue while you’re at it! The first Trivia Tuesday will be January 8th and the first Live Music Thursday will take place January 10th. See you there!

CSI Fest

CSI Fest is one of the biggest events we host for the year. Every year in the last week of January (Jan. 27-31) we hold a fair in the Lower Atrium where we provide students with a passport where they can input answers to questions. We ask students questions about all eight of our services, students answer these questions, then submit their passport into a prize box of their choice to potentially win a grand prize of their choice! Examples of prizes we’ve used in the past have included an $1,000 travel voucher, $200 of cash, $250 grocery gift cards and more. Check out the events calendar here to find out when CSI Fest will be taking place on your campus.
Events Calendar

And that’s it for January! Make sure to keep up with us on conestogastudents.com to continue to learn more information, download the CSI app and follow us on our social media channels to keep up with us on a daily basis. Have questions, comments or feedback? Just direct it to csibod@conestogac.on.ca.