Your step-by-step guide to the Welcome Back Concert

CSI is hosting its second Welcome Back Concert in a row in the Rec Centre on Thursday, September 20 and this year Tokyo Police Club and Hollerado are the headliners! Prepare for an awesome night with with your friends and enjoy some great music. In order to help you get fully set up for a concert, take a look at our guide:

1.Get your tickets exclusively on Eventbrite

In order to get your tickets for the concert, you first need to go to the link on Eventbrite to get it. On the link you can purchase a ticket for you and a friend and the best part is we have an awesome contest where you can even win a meet and greet with the bands! All you need to do is download the app then we’ll randomly select some winners. The Eventbrite website is super easy to navigate and the best part is the tickets are only $5, which is an awesome deal!
Purchase your ticket


2.Make sure you bring your ONE Card and your phone

On the night of the concert, you’re going to have to prove that you’re a Conestoga student and that you got your ticket. You can either print off the ticket once you bought it from Eventbrite, or you can have the link still on your phone and show it to the staff before getting into the concert. Also make sure to bring your ONE Card that you can show along with your ticket. If you got a ticket for a guest, just indicate that to the staff that you got it for them. These two things will grant you entry to one of the biggest events of the year!


3.There will be a cash bar for those students of age

Just prove that you’re 19+ and you’ll get access to our cash bar where you can indulge in drinks. This is one of the biggest nights of the year and we hope you’ll enjoy the night out (responsibly, of course) with friends!


4.Have a great time at what’s sure to be an awesome night

Last but not least, make sure to let loose and have an awesome night! This once again is one of the biggest and best events offered through CSI, and your participating and enjoyment of it is key to a great night out. Feel free to tweet using the hashtag #WelcomeBackConcert2018, share pictures at the event and have the best time. This concert only happens once a year, so make sure to take advantage and make the most of it!


Have questions about the Welcome Back Concert? Just forward them to CSI’s Communications and Content Coordinator:
Laura Sinclair
Communications and Content Coordinator