Join a Club Today!

Getting involved is such a great way to meet new people that may have similar interests as you do!

There are a few clubs that are wanting to start but need a couple more students to make their club official.

The Screen Writers club

For those interested in writing everything from short sketches to full length films. Learn writing techniques, create characters, and get feedback.
President: Nolan Girard


For People, For Planet, For Animals (FPPA)

The main purpose of the FPPA club will be to raise awareness about the problems caused by animal farming to the environment as well as human health. This club will also share the message that animals are friends, not food, as they feel pain like people do. FPPA will provide information on why eating a vegan diet is beneficial for both your health and the environment. This club will also we will be meeting once a week and specific activities will be scheduled accordingly.
President: Sachin Sachin

The Conestoga Photography Club

Hey! Do you like Snapchat? Instagram? Anything that has to do with a camera? Well you may have found the right club!
What we hope to do is have photo-shoots with clubs members and anyone willing to model. experiment with various types of photography. give feedback to each other. and the opportunity to build their portfolios.
Interested in getting involved? Contact the club president: Randy Persaud